Helping the small brand

look like a big business online!

VideoPivot provides online refinement solutions to clients that are looking for high quality services in a done-with-you manner. Your business and brand deserve consistency and you will love the time you will get back not guessing at online tools and strategy.

Why we do what we do

VideoPivot is a digital media marketing and advertising agency based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our expertise lies in online refinement of your social media presence by way of Facebook, LinkedIN, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

We help you figure out where to start

The online world of activity can be very overwhelming. Figuring out how to use your time and on what resources can be a challenge.

We enjoy understanding your challenges and opportunities. Helping you get your mind around where to start and what results you want to achieve.

About Thabani Matshazi

Connecting with people online is a combination of joy and frustration. Thabani has come to appreciate this world, understanding that your input makes a difference, so make it positive. Born and raised in Zimbabwe and coming to America at thirteen, Thabani only became familiar with computer usage in 1998 on his dad’s Windows 98 machine. Ever since then, it’s been a journey of using computers as a tool for his trade that has included, but not limited to, music, photo and video production.

Thabani is devoted to delivering consistency for your online presence and growth. He enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters. Participating in the church multimedia ministry brings continued growth, playing board games and riding his e-bike for relaxation while enjoying the great outdoors.

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